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Lunch Under $10 in New Orleans: District Donuts

By Oswaldo Posas, Staff Writer

District Donuts

We’ve all been in this situation, we want to get out of the house and enjoy some of the nicest sites New Orleans has to offer, but alas, all that amazon shopping has drained your account. now you gotta make that last $10 last till pay day. Well don’t worry, we got you covered! For this weeks Lunch Under $10 we’ve chosen District Donuts for your meal on a budget.  (photo credit: District Donut’s Yelp page)


Kolaches  ~$4

We all know you need to feed your caffeine addiction with on of delicious cold brews, but yikes! Now you only have $5! If only there were a some sort of sandwich to help feed you, while still staying under budget! Well say hello to the Kolache, besides it having a cool name, this little up-scaled hot pocket has a lot to offer. It’s fresh crispy bread and their delicious meat and cheese duo work perfectly together. They even have a vegetarian option!

(Photo Credit: Michael U. Yelp user)

Sliders  ~$4

Do I even need to write a description about these bad boys? We know they’re your favorite! And with their low price, you can get as many as you can carry! They’re sliders are cooked fresh on the griller fried, and stacked on two delicious buns. There’s even Chicken, beef and Pork!

(photo Credit: Kashif K. Yelp User)


The Donuts ~$3

You know the real reason you came, it’s in the name, on  the logo, and displayed so elegantly when you walk in. The Donuts. District has some of the most creative and delicious donuts in town. They even have over a hundred fresh donut options.

photo credit: District Donuts Facebook


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