The Best Food In The South!

DTB, New Orleans – Reviewed by Michael David Osterfeld

I don’t often find myself in the East Carrolton neighborhood but since a friend needed to visit a business over here we figured we would grab brunch in the area.  Good thing we did because we found ourselves in the neighborhood of DTB, a newer restaurant on Oak St by Chef Carl Shaubhut.  I’ve heard about this place as a favorite from several of my foodie friends.  The atmosphere is updated, modern and creative.  An open kitchen allows diners to see the happenings. I love an open concept kitchen because I always feel I can trust what is going on just a little bit more.

Good thing we did because we found ourselves in the neighborhood of DTB, a newer restaurant on Oak St by Chef Carl Shaubhut.

The staff is attentive and friendly.  This is a slower Saturday as I visited in mid June as people are heading out of town for after school vacations and trips.   I visited with my friend David who I often brunch with on Saturday or Sunday, because you need to have brunch on both Saturday and Sunday.

This is definitely one of my new favorites.

An unlikely brunch choice, I went with the fried chicken sandwich served with fresh cut fries.  And of course the bottomless mimosa.  The sandwich has great reviews online and the internet can’t ever be wrong, right?  It comes with a spicy mayo which I think belongs on nearly every chicken sandwich.  David went with the Oak St. Breakfast, featuring cheesy eggs, pepper jelly, bacon, buttermilk biscuit and country gravy, and cheese grits.   I didn’t get to snap any pics of David’s food (because I was busy taking pictures of mine) but I can tell you that he specifically said that it was “really good” – and coming from him, when things are usually, “pretty good or ok” – that’s high praise.

And in case you were wondering, my chicken sandwich was delicious.  The chicken was perfectly breaded and crispy, on a nice soft bun with spicy mayo and lettuce.  Probably one of the top 5 for me.

Probably one of the top 5 for me.


They also have a Bloody Mary bar which was pretty awesome.  Tons of cool ingredients to choose from and mix up a delicious drink.

Lastly, the chef sent out a couple plates of their beignets and they were outstanding!   A little different take on a traditional beignet these were deep fried and filled with a sweet cream sauce which was light and delicious.  They are the covered in cinnamon and sugar.   Perfection.


they were outstanding!

Let me know in the comments if you get a chance to check it out!.