The Best Food In The South!

I ate my way through Toula’s menu, and it was amazing! – New Orleans, LA.

So, this week I sat down with the owners of Toula’s to discuss marketing and the upcoming opening of their new restaurant on the West Bank.  Needless to say, I had to try the food.  I make it a point of trying the food with every client I talk to because I can’t market something that I don’t believe in.  Food quality and flavor for me are a huge factor.  Their head chef, Keith, was nice enough to cook up 5 of their best dishes and I tried every one.  And , each was a winner.  Check out some pics of the food below.  You’re going to be seeing a lot more from this place, I expect.

Michael David Osterfeld

Braised Beef and House Made Mac N Cheese


Chicken& Tasso Pasta

Creole White Beans and Shrimp

Blackened and Fried Shrimp Poor Boy’s (Half of Each)


Disclaimer:  While this is not a paid endorsement,  The Osterfeld Agency does act as the operations consulting and marketing firm for Toula’s parent company.