The Best Food In The South!

Top BBQ Shrimp Spots in New Orleans, LA

By: R. Kennedy

Number 1:  Commander’s Palace.

New Orleans is best known for its delicious and outstanding food dishes and traditions down south – Barbecue is served best grilled or marinated in the oven to perfection to ensure that fall off the bone taste and flavor. Now, these BBQ Shrimps don’t have a bone to fall off of..but they are still amazingly delicious.  There are several restaurants to chose from in the heart of the big easy or the outer setting of this food loving city, but here is where you must start.

“The renowned establishment specializes in fine dining”

Commander’s palace is best known for its creole cuisine that takes tourists and New Orleanians on a wild roller coaster leaving their taste buds asking for more! The renowned establishment specializes in fine dining and providing a long lasting impression that will have you coming back for more of its chef’s favorites.

The New Orleans barbecue shrimp shortcake is by far one of the most recommend dishes at the commanders palace – sautéed white shrimp topped with bell peppers, jalapeño pepper jack cornbread, rosemary, garlic and charred lemon.  You can’t beat it.

Number 2:  Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar.

Located in the heart of Uptown New Orleans on the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues. The building sits on the famous corner where Mardi Gras parades, beginning their Uptown route, make the turn onto St. Charles Avenue.

Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar is known for its authentic Louisiana seafood and Creole-inspired dishes at an affordable price.

The abundant menu boasts an inspired take on Louisiana classics. The menus consist of staple items mixed with seasonal items as they become available. “In-house printing of the menu on a weekly basis allows us to incorporate the freshest seafood products available”.  Say’s the manager.

Their barbecue shrimp serves as a great appetizer and starter before the main course is served hot and ready to eat. It is an all time favorite being simple – yet delicious, you will never forget the mouth watering taste of this down south barbecue flare.