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Food Critic Michael David Osterfeld Reviews: Pizza Domenica – New Orleans, LA

The Reviewed Show, which started in New Orleans and has now expanded to over 10 cities, was started by food critic Michael David Osterfeld.   From time to time, he still heads out and does a review or two to keep things fresh.

In this episode of the show, he visits Pizza Domenica, a stylish, nearly Neapolitan pizza spot on Magazine street in the Uptown neighborhood.

Here, you can watch the action, and he does.  The video features a lot of the pizza making process including pounding out the dough, throwing it and making it what it turns into in the end.  A “delicious, light, crispy but fluffy crust that compliments the ingredients.”

It’s also interesting to note that pizzas cook for only about 3 minutes.  This was noted by how fast the pizza came out after ordering.  Probably allowing this pizza hot spot to turn tables quickly.  (An important consideration in the food businesses where every seat is $).

Here’s an image of what they got and a video to show how its made!


Check out the video of the review below.