The Best Food In The South!

La Petite Grocery – Reviewed By Michael David Osterfeld

So my barber (Cesar at Magazine St. Barber Shop) recommended this place to me.   We spend most of the 30 minutes or so it takes to cut my hair discussing the latest and greatest restaurants we have visited recently.  During my last cut, he told me that he visits this corner spot almost once a week.  So, I had to try it.  His recommendation?  The LPG Cheeseburger.   So I did.

The place is nice.  Service is efficient.  Table cloths and all.   Their servers are well versed in the menu, specials and can describe everything in great detail.   They offer several specials of the day.   Appetizers, salads, seafood, etc.   I of course had to go with the burger this time around.  The fries are hand cut and fresh. Served with a side of garlic aioli and ketchup.  I was lucky enough to finish just in time for my haircut (with 2 minutes to spare).  But that was ok because the barber shop and the restaurant are only a few steps from each other.  Here are images of my meal.   It was fantastic!  Highly recommend.

Michael Osterfeld