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Lunches Under $10 in New Orleans: Dat Dog

By Staff Writer: Oswaldo Posas

Dat Dog

3336 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115

Cajun food lovers and tourist rejoice! Today for our lunch under $10 series we will be talking about Dat Dog! Dat Dog is a newer New Orleans restaurant but that hasn’t stopped us from welcoming Dat Dog with arm’s wide open. Dat Dog is home to some of the most interesting, creative, and southern hot dogs around. Taking inspiration from so many Italian, French, and especially Cajun dishes, it’s no surprise that Dat Dog is one of New Orleans favorite lunch spots.

photo credit: Dat dog website

Fries ~$3-$6

Now normally, fries aren’t the thing you show case, it’s a nice little side to an amazing appetizer. However that isn’t the case for Dat Dog. Dat Dog houses some of the most bang for your buck fries around from their normal Seasoned fries, then we got their Crawfish Etouffee Fries, and even WTF loaded fries! How could you possibly walk past that.

Photo credit: Happy Cow

Vegan Dog ~$8

Vegans deserve a shot at amazing food as well, which is why Dat Dog offers a vibrant amount of vegan dog options. They have spicy, Italian, even a bratwurst option!

Hot Dogs ~$8

This is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The real reason you opened this article. What’s Dat Dog main player and why should I spend my $10 here. Well let me tell you, Dat dog has a wide range of creative culinary masterpieces of hot dogs, Starting with just the classic German Wiener. A more home run hitting with their go to Alligator sausage. They even have, what is probably one of man kinds greatest accomplishments, the Crawfish Sausage.

duck sausage (photo Credit: Daily Advertiser)

Hope we made up your mind here in which spot you choose to spend your $10 on and if you decide to stop by, check out their website  and don’t forget to leave us a comment!