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6 Places to Get The Best Burger in New Orleans

By:  Ron Ehemann, Staff Writer

In a foodie city like New Orleans your first choice might not be a hamburger. But sometimes your belly wants what your belly wants, and when it wants a burger here’s where to go.  I talk to Food Critic Michael David Osterfeld and get his take on burgers in a city of great food.


2540 Banks St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

Located in central New Orleans, Fharmacy has a full bar, outdoor seating, and GREAT food. Fries and potato tots can be ordered “extra strength” or “pharmaceutical grade” with toppings like cheese, pico de gallo and jalapeños.. Either way, a hamburger is a great choice. Critic Michael David Osterfeld says, “They grind the meat right there in front of you. You can’t get much fresher than that!” Photo Credit:  Arielle N.  Yelp.   Online:


515 Harrison Av.
New Orleans, LA 70124

Francesca by Katie’s (the famous mid city restaurant by Chef Scot Crag) is a new deli in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans.  They are serving up some St. Louis style southern-inspired sandwiches that don’t disappoint. The burger is made with brisket. It’s juicy, tender and perfectly flavored.




3218 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Warbuck’s is an unpretentious, new Magazine St. addition that will amaze you with the quality of its food, especially their burgers. Its not a big menu, but a scrumptious one where everyone can find something. . “Warbucks’ is another great burger choice dressed just the way they serve it”, says Michael David Osterfeld Osterfeld of“  (Photo Credit:


DMac’s Bar and Grill

542 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy.
New Orleans

This place is a total dive, smells like a well used bar.  But the burgers are great.   “I loaded mine with ketchup, mustard, mayo, cheese, lettuce, onions and bacon (my classic favorite)”  Often featuring live music on stage, its a hidden gem (and did we mention the burgers are great?) Online:


467 Hickory Av.
Harahan, LA 70123

OK, so its technically not in New Orleans… still, this Harahan/River Ridge/Elmwood “bar and grill” serves incredibly delicious fare recently revived by Chef Scot Criag of Katie’s & Francesca fame. With both indoor and outdoor seating, this place serves up a delicious Mushroom, Swiss & Onion burger “just dripping with flavor and juiciness” says Osterfeld. Try their onion rings with just a hint of heat.  Online:


Bayou Beer Garden

326 N. Jefferson Davis Parkway
New Orleans, LA 70119

Just down the street from Dmac’s is another of Midcity New Orlean’s great burger joints, Bayou Beer Garden. Actually, in addition to inside seating there are two outdoor spaces, a Wine Garden and a Beer Garden. Order your hamburger via the walk up window in the back.

If you check out one of these places leave a comment to let us know what you think!



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